Mobile Phones to Care Workers

Enhancing work experience and streamlining communication
Mobile Phones to Care Workers

London, 13th April - Chosen Care Group is excited to announce itsinitiative to equip care workers working on Redbridge and Newham contracts withcompany-issued mobile phones with unlimited minutes and texts. This decisionaims to enhance the work experience, streamline electronic monitoring, andoffer easy eLearning access without needing personal phones.

Benefits of the company-provided mobile phones include:

Simplified Work Process: The mobile phones will optimise electronicmonitoring and eLearning, allowing care workers to manage tasks and improvetheir skills efficiently.

Separation of Personal and Work-Life: A dedicated work phone will helpcare workers maintain a healthy work-life balance by keeping personal andprofessional communications separate.

No Additional Costs: The mobile phones come with unlimited minutes andtexts, eliminating additional expenses for work-related use.

Chosen Care Group is grateful to care workers for their dedication toexceptional care delivered to our clients. This initiative is just one of themany ways the company demonstrates its commitment to supporting its workforce.

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